Grandma and Grandpa's Farm 088

Hello! Welcome to my blog about gardening,cooking, and raising a happy, healthy, and homegrown family.

Growing up my two sisters and I learned the value of handwork and the importance of having a connection with the land and its yearly cycles. We grew up working on a Christmas tree farm. Every summer we would plant and shear trees. We would work tireless hours in the heat preparing the perfect pines for your living rooms. That perfect Christmas tree shape doesn’t come naturally. We would keep our trees healthy by pulling up weeds and chopping down invasive species. When the fall rolled around we began preparing for the “tree season”. We would cut down the best shaped trees and line them up for the crowds of people.

When we grew up and moved away the farm became overgrown and the Christmas tree business dwindled with more and more people buying plastic trees. No, it is not more environmentally friendly to buy a plastic tree that will sit in the landfill until kingdom come. My parents moved out of our family home and bought a small, in need of repairs, farm-house adjacent to the Christmas tree farm. As my mother began cleaning up the land she discovered an overgrown garden plot. Over the years she has tilled the soil, composted her little heart out and brought back the nutrients in the land.

My brother in-law added an irrigation system and built bird houses to surround it. My daughter tags along for trips to the horse farm for some good old-fashioned manure and my mother plants and weeds until it is time to harvest. This space has become a place where my children, nieces, and nephews go to play, pick berries, and smell the flowers. It is our sanctuary away from the city. This garden feeds four families all the way through the winter.

In this blog I am going to incorporate family recipes, gardening tips, and humorous anecdotes from the garden.